Marriage preparation

The Marriage Preparation Course lasts for five weeks and is for any engaged couple who wants to give their marriage the best possible start.  How long you have been engaged does not matter, nor whether your date is yet fixed. Although the Course is based on Christian principles it is suitable for those with no Christian faith or Church background and couples do not need to be getting married in church to come on the Course.

The Aim of the Course is to provide engaged couples with the tools to build a healthy Marriage that will last a lifetime. Over 5 evenings spent together you will:
  • learn how to make a marriage work
  • consider the importance of commitment
  • have the opportunity to recognise your differences
  • learn the skills necessary for your relationship to develop and grow
  • discuss how to nurture  your friendship
  • learn about listening and expressing feelings, spending time together and resolving conflict
  • understand how to make each other feel loved
  • discuss how to develop your sexual relationship
  • recognise the importance of talking about your goals, values and dreams
Your privacy, as a couple, is always respected: there is no requirement to disclose anything personal to anybody else but there are plenty of opportunities to talk together as a couple during the discussion times.

What people have said

“The Marriage Preparation Course was invaluable to us as a couple.  Although we had been going out together for four and a half years and thought we knew everything there was to know about each other, we learned so much and have benefited from it immensely.”

“We found that many issues we had never thought about discussing came up when we did the Course.  Our relationship has deepened and our expectations of marriage and of each other are even greater and more exciting than they were before.  We thoroughly enjoyed the Course and gained so much practical advice from it.”

Further information

We aim to run the course twice a year, please contact Emma Randall for further information and to register for the next course, which is limited to 7 couples, giving your names, contact details and the proposed date of your marriage. 

Additional information can be found on the Marriage Preparation Course website.