Remembering Loved Ones

October 16th, 10:00am, St Mary's Church

A simple service with an opportunity to remember with thanksgiving and prayer loved ones who have died, whether recently or long ago.

In recent years, we have held a service in which those who have been bereaved, whether recently or longer ago, can remember their loved ones. St Mary’s service of ‘Remembering Loved Ones’ is for all in our community who have been bereaved. It provides the opportunity to recall cherished memories, to light a candle and have a loved one’s name read out.

The service will give an occasion to thank God for the memories and for the continuing ways they touch you and your family. It may help you in coming to terms with bereavement as a journey which needs, for your own health’s sake, to keep moving.

Please do come and join us. The service is from 10:00-10:45am, followed by refreshments and then, for those who wish, the chance to stay for a short service of Holy Communion.
Remembering Loved Ones