Walk Through The New Testament

Saturday, October 11th, St Mary's Church

Many of us enjoyed a great day at the Walk Through the Bible Old Testament event at St Mary's last year. It was a fantastic opportunity to get an overview of the Old Testament on a day that everyone hugely enjoyed - ask someone who was there, they will tell you it was great fun!

Walk Thru

Begin a Fun and Interactive Journey

This term we will be exploring the New Testament in a one day event on Saturday October 11th. This highly interactive events starts with what happened in the 400 years between Malachi and Matthew. You will learn in a dynamic and fun way the life of Jesus, Paul and early church. Walk where Jesus walked, relive the birth and growth of the early church, and travel with the apostle Paul as he shares the gospel with the world. 

The event starts at 9:30 for registration and a 9:45 first session and runs through to 5:00pm. It costs £14, which includes a take away workbook that serves as a ticket that gets you into any future Walk Through the New Testament event anywhere in the country.

Please do fill in the sign up sheet at the back of church or contact the Church Office

Ian Hughes, 30/08/2014